Key Advantages

No Tools Required
Installs in seconds. Attaches to any standard shipping container door. Requires no mechanical mounting or retrofitting.
Condition Change Alert
Integrated sensors let you know the moment your container’s internal conditions deviate from your specified parameters for light influx, temperature, humidity, and other sensor data.
Container Breach
Immediate notification via SMS and email alerts you to compromised containers en-route and in real-time.
Heartbeat Update
Get regular status updates at intervals you control. Monitor your containers from initial closing to final opening.
Security & Accountability
Turn any shipping container into a smart container instantly. Verify your container’s location and condition through each step of the supply chain.
Personalized Container Access Control
Grant selective access to customs officials and other trusted individuals. Create an immutable record of who has opened and sealed the container along its journey.
Layered Communication
Monitor containers anywhere around the world through GPS, GSM, and Iridium satellite channels. Track containers through dangerous or undeveloped areas with pinpoint accuracy.
Supply Chain Intelligence
Cloud-based data platform that easily integrates into your data ecosystem.

How It Works


Attach and activate the unit


Collect data in real-time
Send regular updates via GSM/satellite
Generate immediate alert upon breach
Grant authorized container access


Generate complete travel and activity log
Summarize and analyze trip data

SecureSystem IT Infrastructure

SecureSystem Cloud-Based Data Platform