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  • We specialize in highly integrated logistics solutions for safe and secured supply chain processes.

  • SecureSystem® is a cutting-edge, high-end, mobile container tracking and monitoring system, “made in Germany”.

  • SecureSystem® transforms any standard container into a smart container, anywhere in the world.

  • Our mission is to establish a global transport security standard, by providing the most comprehensive solution which can be fully integrated with public authorities.

Our Mission

We specialize in highly integrated logistics solutions for safe and secured supply chain processes.

We transform any standard container into a smart container, anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to establish a global transport security standard, by providing the most comprehensive solution which is fully integrated with public authorities.

About Us

Founded in 2014 using technology and software developed by Airbus® Defence & Space, SecureSystem® is a privately-owned company with offices in Berlin (Germany) and Washington, D.C. (USA) and distribution partners across the globe.

SecureSystem® is providing a proven high-end security and tracking solution, which ensures container integrity, for safe and secured supply chain processes.

The solution – made in Germany – comprises a mobile hardware unit for the container and a software trust center delivering a comprehensive set of data points. It can be fully integrated into a clients’ existing ERP or supply chain control system.

A key and unique element of SecureSystem is personalized access and container integrity control, with data being received and processed in a highly secure trust center.

SecureSystem features redundant GSM and satellite (Iridium) communication and positioning (GPS). Additional data are provided through various internal and external sensors such as light, temperature and humidity.

We are offering our solution globally to the general logistics market, public authorities and defense industries requiring data and access control through Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, thereby fostering transparency.

Easy to handle
Back End Integration

Executive Team

Frank W. Fronzeck

Frank W. Fronzeck


Mr. Fronzeck is the managing shareholder of SecureSystem® with over 30 years’ experience in leading roles, developing and executing within blue-chip organisations such as Siemens, Panasonic, NEC, Software AG and eZ Systems AS.

He has also spent time working for the United Nations. His focus is on defining and building strategic partnerships to deliver and integrate system solutions. Having worked in many countries around the world, including several years spent living and working in Brazil, he has an in-depth understanding of selling and executing projects in a global context.

His involvement with the SecureSystem® project began whilst working as sales and distribution partner for Airbus, before taking it private.

Matthias Semrau

Matthias Semrau


Mr. Semrau is the CTO of SecureSystem®. After studying economics with a focus on lean production and management, he worked for BIBA and IPMI before joining Siemens Nixdorf focusing on geo information systems (GIS).

He then joined EADS Space Transportation (formerly Astrium, DaimlerChrysler, BEOS) where he developed and ran the operations center for the EGSE ISS (International Space Station) including mission scheduling with NASA. EADS was renamed Airbus, where he was one of the key architects of SecureSystem® developing the Trust Center and communication via Iridium, GSM, sensors and the data center architecture.

He also liaised with clients such as DHL, DAL, German Army, Siemens and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics for a number of pilot projects.

Oliver Toma

Oliver Toma


Mr. Toma is a certified project management professional (PMP) with over 18 years of management and technology consultancy expertise having worked for blue-chip companies such as Capgemini, Hewlett Packard Consulting and Cassini Consulting.

His experience spans a wide range of industries and international clients such as logistics (DHL), telecommunications (Vodafone, O2), industry (ThyssenKrupp) and automotive (Mercedes-Benz, Continental), Utilities (E.ON), retail (Payback) and many others.

After completion of his army service as special forces mountain ranger, he went on to a business apprenticeship, before graduating from Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences with a Masters Degree in Media Informatics. Additional qualifications include courses in Leadership and Communication Management from St. Gallen Business School and Ecole d’ingénieurs Lausanne respectively, as well as Scrum certification and ITIL v3 Foundation. He is a private pilot and ski instructor.

Supervisory Board

Dr. Jens Riedl

Dr. Jens Riedl

Supervisory Board

Dr. Riedl is a partner and managing director with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). After graduating with an MBA from the University St. Gallen (Switzerland) and London School of Economics he wrote his PhD thesis at the European Business School on value-based management.

He joined BCG in 1999 and spent two years with their office in Sydney. He leads the BCG Transportation & Logistics Practice globally and has deep experience in logistics as well as shipping. For the past 10 years, he has increasingly focused on digital topics and launched the BCGx Platform for global container exchanges in 2015 amongst others.

He also leads the BCG Private Equity Practice in the DACH region, having completed a number of due diligence and value creating programs.

Christian W. von Ahlefeld

Christian W. von Ahlefeld

Supervisory Board

Mr. von Ahlefeld graduated with an MBA from the University of Hamburg and during his long-standing career worked for renowned organisations such as JP Morgan, UBS and Siemens.

He was CFO for Tele München and a board member for GfK SE responsible for corporate finance, M&A, controlling, overseeing human resources for 10,000 staff. He joined Loyalty Partner GmbH – known for their ‘Payback’ customer loyalty programme as managing director in 2010 and oversaw the sale of the company to American Express.

Mr. von Ahlefeld is an active investor and works as a senior advisor to companies such as ‘The Mobility House AG’ and ‘Brauns Heitmann GmbH & Co. KG’.

Market Requirements

Freight-control after 9/11 due to increased terrorism and organized crime risk

Deception avoidance due to increasing losses during transport

Fraud protection (e.g avoiding “fake products” in pharmaceuticals)

Control of just-in-time delivery / digital operation-cycle for freight transport

Legal and governmental specifications and supervision

Efficient Customs processing leading to faster import procedures

Pairing of digital freight documentation to physical container

Higher demand for certified documentation (e.g. GDPs)

Transparency and speed up of customs service process

SecureSystem® Highlights

Cutting-edge, high-end, mobile container tracking and monitoring system, “made in Germany”, with no comparable known competitor built on 50 man-years of research and development.

Independent and privately-owned with a global presence through distribution and service partners.

AEO-, C-TPAT- and GDP standard compliant.

Global connectivity through redundant GSM- and satellite communication with key features such as:

– Transport specific message- and alarm procedures customized to user requirements.

– Personalized access control through patented digital key

– Reporting of all peripheral and internal container data through redundant communication channels.

– Heartbeat messages pinpointing location by GPS.

– Integration into 3rd party systems.

– Compliance with relevant trade guidelines and standards running via a unique trust center.

Extensive data analysis of shipment reports in trust center.

Can be accessed through built-in keyboard by any authorized person without additional technical equipment.

Trust Center solution can be deployed within client infrastructure for optimal integration with existing systems.

Extensive battery life exceeding 95 days.

Exclusive global sales and marketing rights as well as IP protection agreement with Airbus Defence & Space GmbH.

The Solution

Foundation for the solution is the SecureSystem® Mobile Unit and the Trust Center with following features:

Personalization and documentation of closing, opening and authorized intermediate-opening procedures.

Regular 256-bit encrypted heartbeat messages with the location and condition of the container, including parameters of the unit to prove the ongoing availability via redundant GSM- and satellite communication channels, for shipment periods exceeding 95 days.

All final- and intermediate opening procedures of the container will be pre-authorized and can be distinguished from unauthorized procedures on the container. These are the basic functions to fulfill demands from AEO-, C-TPAT- and GDP- (pharmaceutical) standards.

SecureSystem® Mobile Unit

  • After closing the container, a digital-key will be uploaded to the mobile unit comprising all transport-, shipping-, alarm- and messaging parameters. This ensures an unchangeable online-report, available for permanent archiving at the end of the transport.
  • The unit can be easily attached between both container doors before closing.
  • Built-in sensors measure light influx, movement, temperature and humidity. Additional door movement detection sensors register container access.
  • Communication-modules (GPS-receiver, GSM- and Iridium-Communication, Bluetooth and Keypad).
  • Additional communication modules and sensors like RFID, chemical sensors, etc. can be integrated at client’s request.

SecureSystem® Trust-Center

  • Transport specific pre-configured message- and alarm-procedures will be activated.

All messages will be sent to the trust center at regular intervals using SMS (GSM) and/or Short Burst Message (Iridium) – depending on the expected routing

  • The Trust Center allows for an in-depth analysis of all relevant data sent from the mobile unit and guarantees storage of shipment reports.
  • SecureSystem® Trust Center is unique since it can easily be integrated into a 3rd party system like Analytics and SAP EWA and caters a maximum of client security and flexibility demands.

SecureSystem® Interactive App

Our interactive mobile app calls a „Digital Key“ from the Trust Center where all basic parameters of the transport, sensors and messaging-procedures, including number of our Mobile Unit are combined. After closing of the container this key will be transferred to our Mobile Unit and “electronic seals” the container.

Why SecureSystem®?

  • Solid track-record with major international corporations
  • Clients fulfil legal requirements and compliance procedures obtaining high transparency of their supply chain
  • Significantly enhanced reaction times in the event of threats, unusual incidents or routing changes
  • Personalized container closing & access control
  • Authorized handling without additional technology via built-in keypad
  • Transport-specific digital key including all container data such as freight numbers, container number, seal ID, alarm procedures, sensor limits, personalized / authorized intermediate / final opening and closing
  • Irrevocable communication procedures at beginning of transport
  • Redundant communication via GSM and Iridium-Satellites
  • SecureSystem® Trust Center availability for data analysis and IoT connectivity.
  • Integration into 3rd-party-systems
  • Compliant with AEO, C-TPAT (USA), GDP Guidelines (Pharmaceutical Transports Europe), EOA (Economic Operador Autorisada Brasil)